Bins for Africa


We supply butt bak’s, outdoor ashtrays, benches, planters, concrete, stainless steel, wooden and plastic bins. 

Bins for Africa

We supply bins, ashtrays and smoking bins, planters and  benches. We supply concretesteel,wooden bins and recycling bins. These are durable and will withstand the weather, they are extremely heavy and are therefore less vandalised. Bins for Africa is also a  supplier of benches that are manufactured from wood, concrete, eco recycled plastic and steel and can be used at malls, business parks and office, as well as municipal parks. Benches offer people a comfortable place to sit and relax. We are also a supplier of  Ashtray bins. They are available in different materials for different purposes. Concrete, plastic, stainless steel and eco ashtrays are used both indoors and outdoors. We are able to service the whole of South Africa and Namibia. Bins for Africa is part of  The SA Group of companies.

Product of the Month

An attractive fibre-cement product easy to use
and clean for the disposal of cigarette butts.
Reduced labour costs of daily housekeeping with
simple emptying of a light tray.
Participate in the idea of creating a Green friendly
environment in smoking zones.
Reduce the risk of fires, and hide the butts from
public view.
Available in various colours and can be
matched to your brand.


After Hours?

Select Products Available to Purchase Online!

You can buy bin products direct from our online store. These products include wheelie bins, recycling bins, pole bins, tapper bins and more.  

Information & Sales

Mobile:  +27 83 482 0204
Central Switchboard:  087 0572 722
International:  0027 21 201 7242

Regional Branch Numbers

Central Switchboard: 087 0572 722
Cape Town: 021 201 7242
Johannesburg: 010 593 0868
Pretoria: 012 942 9366
Durban: 031 940 7088
Port Elizabeth: 041 450 5288
Bloemfontein: 051 011 0287

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