BFA Cubedec AW

Bins For Africa supplies the BFA Cubedec AW planter square wooden cladded planter. These planters are manufactured from Galvanised steel and then cladded with various types of natural wood or composite slats. There are lots of options available.

All our planters are also available in Stainless steel Grade 304 finish. The stainless steel is the recommended material for outdoor use. Stainless steel is appreciated for its excellent environmental properties. Stainless steel is the most recycled material on Earth. Always keep your stainless steel products clean to keep the surface free from any corrosive residue, this will also avoid future rust problems. You can also order your new designer planter in a mild steel, natural rust finish. The rust finish is a natural rust finish and will continue to rust naturally over time.

Our BFA Cubedec AW planters include a galvanised planter liner. Never plant directly into your steel or stainless steel liner. Always use a plastic liner for planting. Acids in the soil will cause the planters to rust. Drip trays are also available at an additional cost.

You can also customise your bin with laser cut detail or your own company branding, making them perfect for shopping centres and office buildings.

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740MM(L) X 740MM(W) X 700MM(H), 940MM(L) X 940MM(W) X 900MM(H), 1140MM(L) X 1140MM(W) X 1000MM(H)


Mild Steel E-coated Body with Composite Exclusive, Mild Steel E-coated Body with Wood / Composite Basic, Stainless Steel Grade 304 Body with Wood / Composite Basic, Stainless Steel Grade 304 Body with Composite Exclusive


Additional floor brackets for mounting, Brackets for wall mounting, Company branding, No mounting brackets needed


Add a Plastic Liner to your Planter (One plastic liner per planter needed), Add a Drip Tray, None